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Program Director & Instructor

Carissa Johnson, RN

In 2006, I temporarily stepped away from college to contemplate my future. During this reflective period, I found myself drawn to the world of healthcare, embarking on my journey at an assisted living facility. This experience marked the beginning of a profound realization: by dedicating my time to others, I could make a meaningful impact on their lives.

My commitment to nursing has become a true calling, fueled by the satisfaction derived from contributing to the physical and mental well-being of those in my care. Now, as a CNA instructor, I am delighted to share my knowledge and experiences with like-minded individuals who share a passion for uplifting others. Join me in the journey of building a community that values compassion, empathy, and a dedication to making a positive difference in the lives of those we serve.

Principal Coordinator

Hannah Whittemore

Hello! Welcome to Indiana School of CNAs! I entered healthcare first as a highschool volunteer then as a private duty caregiver while in college in Cincinnati, Ohio. From then on, I have worked in healthcare in a variety of capacities including as a phlebotomist and paramedical examiner, CPR instructor, and emergency department safety attendant. I found a passion for healthcare education when developing training and competency programs for non-skilled caregivers. My formal education includes an Associates degree in Business and a Bachelor's of Science in Healthcare Administration from Indiana Wesleyan University. In my capacity as Special Projects Manager with First Horizon Home Health Care, I was privileged to create and open the Indiana School of Certified Nursing Assistants. 

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