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Indianapolis CNA Training Program

Classes every month!

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Limited seats available

Are you at least 16 years old?
I understand that I am ultimately responsible for the timely payment of all course costs and fees.
Are you fluent in reading and writing English?
Do you have reliable transportation to class and the clinical site as assigned?
Do you understand that the CNA program is accelerated and will require your presence Monday--Friday for three weeks, as well as independent studying outside of class times?
Attendance for CNA students is critical. Absences or tardiness of any kind may be cause for student removal from the program. Do you understand and agree to comply with the attendance requirement?
The CNA program grading scale requires students to maintain an average grade of 80% or higher in order to be eligible for clinical placement and continued clinical rotations. Do you understand the grading scale as described above?
CNA Students are prohibited from wearing long or artificial nails. Fingernails must be short and clean. It is at the instructor's discretion as to whether nails meet the school guidelines. Do you understand and agree to follow this fingernail requirement?
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